Community Services


Accessibility Audits
Since the passage of ADA, Environmental Barriers Act (EBA), and the Illinois Accessibility Code, new construction, additions, and renovations of both publicly and privately owned facilities are required to be accessible.  To meet this requirement, our center provides onsite accessibility audits of facilities upon business request.


Onsite Accessibility Audits of private and publicly owned facilities are provided upon request. Call the office, 309.682.3500, for more information and the fee for this service.


Public Education/Outreach
The center provides information to the community on independent living issues and concerns affecting persons with disabilities through presentations, workshops, a newsletter, a website and other use of media.


Disability Awareness Presentations
Advocates for Access staff can provide disability awareness presentations and sensitivity training to schools, businesses, civic organizations, health care professionals, and others to educate about disability related issues, break down stereotypes and promote inclusion.


Corporate Services


For companies working toward more inclusive and diverse workplaces, Advocates for Access offers fee-based services to assist companies in accommodating people with disabilities.  We consult with companies and then develop highly customized programs that address each organization’s particular needs.  We provide programs of any length from half-day to full-week to long-term assistance, depending on the need.  Our goals are to help companies:


  • Reach an often-untapped group of educated, skilled, and qualified workers.
  • Modify workplace policies that impede recruitment and retention of people with disabilities.
  • Provide practical and economical approaches to accommodating people with disabilities in the office.
  • Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability civil rights laws.
  • Raise awareness about people with disabilities and individual disability issues.


For more information or to take advantage of our corporate services, call the office at 309.682.3500.