Our Community Reintegration Program assists people with disabilities that are independent and want to take charge of their own lives in leaving nursing homes to return to community life with proper supports. This program is intended as a one-time only process to help with the initial set up of basic living arrangements, as well as linking individuals to services available to live independently.


This program is grant-funded through the Division of Rehabilitation Services. Medicaid also partially reimburses this program. The monies in this grant are used to help fund security deposits and first month’s rent, as well as provide furniture, assistive technology, household items, and groceries.


The Transition Coordinator provides assistance with personal assistant management training, if needed; makes referrals of personal assistant services, if eligible; locates and secures housing, locates assistive devices and equipment and arranges home remodeling to ensure independent safe functioning if moving back to their personally owned home.


Qualifications for the program:


  • Reside in an Illinois nursing facility
  • Between the ages of 18 and 59 (exceptions for the BI and AIDS waiver programs)
  • Severe disability which will last for 12 months or the duration of life
  • CRP staff completed a determination of need (DON)
  • Has no more that $17,500 in non-exempt assets
  • Receives or applies for Medicaid benefits
  • Does not require in-home services that are expected to cost more than institutional care


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