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Name Address Telephone
Glen Oak Towers 926 Main Street, Peoria 309-673-0202
Glenbrook Apts 4627 N. Knoxville Ave., Peoria 309-682-3222
Golden Arms 343 S. Fourth St., Pekin 309-346-7900
Green Diamond 6516 N. University Ave., Peoria 309-691-9131
Green Valley Apts 601 W.Main St, Green Valley 309-346-7996
Greenwood Estates 725 W Hurlburt St., Peoria 309-674-6038
Haymeadow 5802 N. Haymeadow Lane, Peoria 309-692-7155
Heartland Apts 607 N. Hightower, Peoria 309-637-0065
Hedgehill Apts 3720 W. Hedgehill Lane, Peoria 309-676-7171
Heritage Senior Homes 501-536 N. Carole St., Hanna City 309-565-4520