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Name Address Telephone
Hickory Ridge Apts 7150 N. Terra Vista Drive, Peoria 309-692-5887
Hidden Oaks 3602 N. Kngston Dr., Peoria 309-692-6212
Hollow Creek Apts 4019 W. Hollow Creek Dr., Peoria 309-691-2300
Hollybrook Apts 1420 W. Glen Ave, Peoria 309-691-0804
Hurlburt House 818 W. Hurlburt, Peoria 309-676-4978
Independence Village 1201 W. Northmoor Rd., Peoria 866-962-6840
International Place Apt 6500 N. University, Peoria 309-692-5658
Kiwanis London House 1408 E. London Ave., Peoria 309-682-5797
Knoxville Manor 4809-19 N. Knoxville, Peoria 309-676-0720
Laborer's Home III 130 N Main St., East Peoria 309-694-0404