Advocates for Access provides the following in-office services  - between 9am-4:30pm Monday-Friday:


  1. Library usage with magnifier computer screen for low vision individuals 1
  2. Video Phone usage for deaf/ hard-of-hearing 1
  3. Loan and lend program for DME equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, Depends, bed pads, and other items
  4. SHIP counselling for Medicare
  5. Life Skills Courses in self-health, finance, transportation, and self-advocacy
  6. ITAC amplified phones are available through a free voucher program which includes: TTY, CapTel, amplified landlines, and amplified Bluetooth cellular devices which connect to your existing cellular device. 2 


1 Library and video phone usage is limited to 2 hours max per day
2 Once the voucher is filled out the applicant can come into our office to test the devices available to make sure it fits their individual needs. Please contact us for an appointment to try the devices.


In Office Services